About Us

We are Halo

Here for businesses big and small.

Our mission is to protect and improve the financial health of all entrepreneurs.

Our Loan Marketplace

Halo Business Finance has helped investors and business owners in different industries across the U.S. for nearly 20 years. We have facilitated over $500 million for hundreds of business owners and mid-market real estate investors since our beginning. We listen to our clients and understand their loan request in providing the best loan terms available based on their own commercial loan scenario.

Our Software Technology

We have been able to streamline the way commercial financing is done by offering responsible and transparent commercial loans. No more going to the bank with all the red tape to only get a decline in the end. With over a decade in business financing and technology experience, our team of professionals has the knowledge, skills, and experience to help business owners finish their commercial loan process from beginning to end.

Our Capital Marketplace

 Halo Business Finance is a commercial loan marketplace center for banks and lenders. We pre-qualify and pre-underwrite each relationship so no time is wasted. Halo Business Finance represents a variety of capital solutions helping borrowers and lenders streamline the loan process. Halo is changing the industry by streamlining the commercial loan process from application to funding. We take pride in our business ethics, services and are always in our client’s best interest in financing their business venture needs. We have helped companies and business owners provide constant growth for current and future projects.

Our Business Network

The team at Halo Business Finance brings their diverse background of business experience to provide accurate information, business advocacy, and expertise to help borrowers and lenders the complex loan process.

Our Data Security

Our focus is to respect your data and privacy in providing financial solutions

Blockchain Data Security

Secured Cloud Servers

Secured API Network

Secured Loan Software

128-Bit Encryption

SSL Security

Halo’s commercial loan marketplace helps lenders and borrowers close more loans!