1. Business Loan Requirements

500 Credit Score or Above
Minimum 6 Months in Business
$100K+ in Annual Revenue

2. What can I use a Business Loan for?

Potential uses include:

You can use an SBA loan to cover many business projects and needs.

  • Business real estate. A term loan to purchase or refinance owner/user commercial real estate.
  • Construction loans. Loans for ground up construction and/or leasehold improvements of commercial real estate.
  • Business acquisition or partner buy-outs. A term loan for the purpose of purchasing an existing business or buying out a principal owner (must result in 100% ownership)
  • Expansion loans. Loans to expand to another location.
  • Equipment loans. Term loans to purchase new or used equipment.
  • New business development loans. Term loan for the purpose of starting a new business.
  • Working capital. Through a line of credit or a term loan.