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How it works

An infrastructure you can rely on

We offer creative solutions and support to our third-party Partners in all aspects of lending, including credit and underwriting, origination, payments, compliance, balance sheet capacity and capital market capabilities. In turn, our Partners facilitate lending across industries, including debt consolidation, point of sale, home improvement, medical and small businesses.

Loan in 5 simple steps

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Apply Online

Complete a streamlined loan application online so we can learn more about you and your unique business. Automated models supported by knowledgeable staff verify borrower information and assess loan risk.

Upload necessary documents

Upload necessary tax and financial documents so we can reccomend the best financing options based on your unique business credit and financial profile.

Wait for approval

We match you with the banks or non-bank lenders in our network most likely to approve your loan application so you get your approval within the next 24 - 48 hours.

Bank / Lending Partner reaches out to you

Your lender reaches out to you to finalize the loan.

Your loan gets funded

Hooray! Now you have the required funding for your next business endeavour