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Working Capital Loans

Small Business Working Capital Loans Infuse your business with a working capital loan that comes with a fixed payment and flexible payment terms.

  • 1-10 Year Loan Terms
  • 520 Fico Score Required
  • 6 Months Time in Business Required
  • Loans Amounts to $2 Million
  • No Collateral Required

Commercial Equipment Finance

Purchase, lease new or used commercial equipment and commercial vehicles.

  • 3-5 Year Loan Terms
  • 580 Fico Score Required
  • 6 Months Time in Business Required
  • Purchase or Lease Option
  • Loans Amounts to $1 Million

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Business term loans provide a monthly payment option for business owners that need working capital for their business.

  • 10-25 Year Loan Terms
  • 640 Fico Score Required
  • 2 years Time in Business Required
  • Purchase or Refinance Option
  • Loans Amounts to $5,000,000

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Things You Need to Know About Small Business Loans

Here’s how to work with Lenders to get the Funding your Small Business needs.

Small businesses may be the engine of our economy, but many small business owners view the lending process as complicated and frustrating. Too often, growing enterprises find themselves shut out when they attempt to obtain small business loans. In theory, it should not be difficult to obtain funding-lenders are in the business of making money, not providing charity. Still, there are many ways to improve your odds of getting a small business loan. Click on the link below to learn more about small business funding and what lenders are looking for in small business owners financials.


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