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Our goal is to help business owners with all their financing needs. We take pride in our business ethics and services. We are always in our client’s best interest in financing their business needs to provide continue growth for current and future projects. Our focus is to respect your data and privacy in providing financial solutions to your business. You’ll never grow your business with a loan rate of 40%-80%. Halo Business Finance is a fast, honest and reliable in funding business loans. Halo Business Finance fills all the void in the business financing market.


We have been able to streamline the way business financing is done by offering responsible business loans. No more going to the bank with all the red tape to only get a decline in the end. With over a decade in small business financing and technology experience our team of professionals that have the knowledge and experience to answer all the business financing needs of business owners.


Halo Business Finance has helped small business owners in thousands of different industries across the U.S. for nearly 20 years. We’ve funded over $1.5 billion for over 25,000 business owners, from mom and pop shops, to medical practices and manufacturers.


Halo business finance is an ally to small business owners, a trusted resource that works hard and moves quickly to provide financing solutions. We’re a passionate team of individuals, driven by hard work, ethics, mutual respect and transparency. We listen to our customers, understand their needs and nurture their passion into thriving small businesses.


Generous Terms, Simple Process and Fast Funding.
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